Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron

Discover your greatness. Inspire your future.

Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron

Discover your greatness. Inspire your future.

Your path to become a Ben Torah for life begins here.

Imagine a yeshiva environment that reverberates with the Torah and inspiration of gedolim from a century ago.  When you step into Nesivos Ahron, you enter a historic makom kodesh that serves as the unparalleled setting for our talmidim’s unparalleled yeshiva experience.  

At Nesivos Ahron, your growth, as a Torah learner and as a person, is our primary focus.
We take motivated bochurim looking to grow and bring them to a level of advanced, independent learning.

Everything in yeshiva – our warm, devoted rebbeim and our exciting programming, together with our systematic learning mehalech – is geared to one overriding goal:  helping you achieve your absolute greatest. 

Get ready to become more than you ever dreamed possible. 

Hear From Our Talmidim

Dovid Backer

Eli Esmaili

Avraham Krich

Noam Zuroff

The Location: Chatzer Strauss

As a Nesivos Ahron talmid, you become part of something unique and historic. Our yeshiva is located in Chatzer Strauss, the birthplace of the Mussar Movement in Eretz Yisrael and the site of the famed Beis HaMussar and Yeshivas Ohr Chadash, headed by the mussar giants of a century ago such as Rav Itzele Blazer and Rav Naftali Amsterdam, among many others.
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The Campus and Facilities

Our newly-renovated campus is beautiful and spacious, with a can’t-beat location right outside the Old City! With a comfortable and well-appointed dorm and Beis Medrash, newly refurbished dining room, well-stocked workout room, and basketball/volleyball area, it’s the perfect ruchinyus and gashmiyus setting for your yeshiva experience.

The Food

All the bochurim agree that our food is delicious and our chef is one-of-a-kind! He cares about each talmid and gets to know his favorite menu items. He works hard to cater to individual needs where necessary.

The Tiyulim

From the Shabbatonim and mesibos to the tiyulim and programming, there’s a vibe of excitement and ruach in yeshiva, as our bochurim enjoy a full yeshiva experience that’s packed with opportunities to have fun, recharge, connect to Eretz Yisrael and build relationships with chaveirim that will last a lifetime.

Meet Our Rebbeim

Rabbi Moshe Binyamin Friedman

Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Eliezer Rosenbaum

Maggid Shiur

Rabbi Chaim Katz

1st Year Mashgiach Ruchani​

Rabbi Chaim Augenstein

Shoel U’meishiv

Rabbi Yitzchok Skaist​

Maggid Shiur

Meet Your First-Year Rebbi

Rabbi Eliezer Rosenbaum

Rabbi Eliezer Rosenbaum learned for many years in Yeshivas Ner Yisrael, where he was zocheh to receive one-on-one hadrachah in learning from his grandfather, the Rosh Yeshiva Rav Yaakov Moshe Kulefsky zt”l.  He then went to Eretz Yisrael, where he continued to develop his learning in Yeshivas Bircas Mordechai.  

An extremely beloved rebbi, Rabbi Rosenbaum has been teaching in both Nesivos Ahron and Toras Chaim for over ten years.  He has an exceptional ability to teach Torah in a clear and enjoyable fashion and, as a first-year rebbi, he helps bochurim develop their skills and advance to higher-level learning.   Rabbi Rosenbaum also forms deep connections with the bochurim, making himself constantly available to his hundreds of talmidim, both current and former.

Latest Yeshiva Updates

Our workout room has been upgraded!

Talmidim are already enjoying the brand-new equipment in our workout room.

Welcome to our new Rebbi!

We’re thrilled to welcome Rabbi Chaim Augenstein to our staff. Rabbi Augenstein, a well-known and successful mechanech in Toras Chaim, will be joining Rabbi Rosenbaum in working with our first-year bochurim.

We’ve received our zoning permits!

We’re now a step closer to our beautiful new yeshiva building!


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