Summer Zman 2024:

ניסן ל ‘ / Begins: Wednesday May 8th

תמוז יח’/ Ends: Wednesday July 24th

Shavous is IN YESHIVA for all students


The yeshiva’s schedule may change each zman.

The Yeshiva address is 20 Rechov HaAyin Chet Musrara, Jerusalem 9511220. 

The train from the airport stops at the central bus station, which is just a short bus or train ride away from Yeshiva. For a new Talmid, we’d recommend a taxi, available when you exit the airport. Contact the yeshiva if you need help arranging transportation to yeshiva.

​The Yeshiva does not arrange group flights. Parents prefer booking their own flights and finding the best deals. Talmidim​ usually know who else is coming to Yeshiva and are in touch with each other about traveling together.

It is mandatory for everyone to have individual health insurance. It is the responsibility of each individual to sign up. The best option right now is MSG Israel msgil.com/student-healthcare which works with the Israel health fund Maccabi and we are requesting that all students sign up with them.

​Rebbeim place each Talmid in a shiur that is most compatible to his learning style and will let the Talmidim​ know when they arrive in Yeshiv​a.​

The bochurim and avreichim will be learning:

Morning- Bava Metzia

Afternoon- Sukkah

The price for laundry is, 5 shekels per laundry load and 5 shekels per dryer load. You must add money to your yeshiva laundry card before using the machines.

Call MSG at any time and they will help you make appointments at the best doctor near you. (They speak English)

Tel: 072-222-4442
USA: 646-630-8842

MSGIL Contact Us Page

We usually suggest the Bochurim buy seforim in Eretz Yisroel so that he purchases the right one and saves on space and weight when coming to Yeshiva.

There are many seforim stores near Yeshiva where your son can purchase any other seforim that he needs.

Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron  

20 Rechov HaAyin Chet Musrara, Jerusalem 9511220

It is suggested to put an Israeli phone number for any orders as they will call the number before delivering.

The Yeshiva works with PCC, which offers a 2 year college program, while being in Yeshiva that get’s you a bachelors degree. 

Click the links below for more information about PCC.

PCC Brochure

PCC Website

Unfortunately, we currently do not qualify for FAFSA.

Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

​​Yes. Please contact us at [email protected] in advance and we will suggest the best time.

We welcome parents and we love meeting you and sharing nachas. Fathers are more than welcome to come learn with their sons in the Beis Medrash. However, please remember that it can be disruptive to your son’s growth if you take him out of Yeshiva. Therefore, if you come to visit, please make sure to limit the amount of time you take your son out and try to arrange to do so during the lunch break. Rebbeim are generally available between 2:00 and 3:20 P.M.

Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron  

20 Rechov HaAyin Chet Musrara, Jerusalem 9511220

It is mandatory for everyone to have a student visa (א-2).  We will help you set up an appointment at Misrad Hapinim but it is the responsibility of each individual to make sure his visa is valid. 

Misrad Hapinim requires original birth certificates when issuing visas. Please make sure to send your son’s birth certificate with him. If the parents’ birthdates do not appear on the birth certificate you must also send a copy of your passports.

Students who are under the age of 18 must apply for a visa in their home country at the Israeli Embassy with their parents.

All students who are Israeli citizens must arrange permission & the appropriate papers with the Israeli Embassy before they arrive. Because of the new requirements to present birth certificates, it is no longer possible to “slip through” and get a student visa. It is now possible for an Israeli citizen born abroad to get permission to learn in yeshiva for up to 5 years. The yeshiva cannot be responsible for anyone who creates for himself a situation to be in Israel without a valid visa.

The yeshiva has a fitness gym with some equipment available in the dorms.

The Yeshiva goes on tiyulim throughout the year in order for the talmidim to experience the beauty and kedusha of Eretz Yisrael. Trips in past years have included: Chevron, Meron, Teveria, Ski trip to Har Chermon, Scuba diving in Eilat, and much more! 

Learning Incentive Programs – In addition to our regular tiyulim & activities, throughout the year the yeshiva has several learning incentive programs. For those who participate and complete the requirements of the program there is a special tiyul or special activities (like scuba diving or parasailing). These trips and activities (cost covered by yeshiva) are for talmidim who complete the program.

They yeshiva provides the bochurim with 3 high-quality meals daily including in-shabbosim. The yeshiva has an amazing chef!

Shabbos and Yom Tovim:

Throughout the zman there will be in Shabbosim. All bochurim are required to stay in yeshiva for an in Shabbos. During an In-Shabbos, Friday night seuda, seuda shelishis and all davening are in the Yeshiva. Shabbos lunch is with local families. If you need help arranging this meal we will be happy to help you.

The other weeks we can also help arrange home hospitality if required.

Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Simchas Torah, and Shavuos are celebrated in the Yeshiva, by all talmidim.

Our talmidim come from all over the world. Our current student body includes boys from all over the United States and Canada, Israel, London, Manchester, Switzerland, Australia and more.

At Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron, we recognize that relaxation time is crucial for bochurim to return to a maximal learning experience.  At the end of the day, bochurim have varied opportunities to recharge their energy:

  • play basketball or ping-pong
  • work out in our weight room
  • use our filtered computers for email etc
  • trips to a swimming pool

Any bochur found with a phone that has internet or video capabilities will be charged the penalty and asked to leave the Yeshiva. (This includes a filtered smartphone)
The yeshiva encourages the bochurim to use kosher basic phones with no video or internet capabilities.

The yeshiva does allow its talmidim to purchase a kPhone, an iPhone with limited app capabilities, with the yeshivas standards. The yeshiva chose certain apps that will be on the “kPhone App Store”   Examples of apps allowed: Calling, Texting, Mail, FaceTime, Torah Apps, Jewish Music, Navigation and airline apps to get around as well as banking apps. (No browser or WhatsApp)

For more information go to www.kphone.org

Yes, you can order from Blanket Express

For the past thirteen  years, Blanket Express Plus has been providing its service to foreign students. They allow you the convenience of purchasing all your dormitory needs at home, and then delivering your package directly to you at our yeshivah , so that it’s there when you arrive.

Should you decide to use their service, you may place an order with them at www.BlanketExpressPlus.com 

They may be also be contacted at
[email protected] 

Contact Us with any questions.