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About Nesivos Ahron

Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron was founded in 2008 with the vision of providing motivated young men with the foundations of Torah and avodas Hashem that would carry them through life. To date, the yeshiva has dramatically strengthened and enhanced the connection to Torah for hundreds of talmidim. With the goal of providing motivated young men, with the opportunity to build an everlasting foundation in Limud HaTorah, Middos, and Avodas Hashem. Since it's inception, Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron has cultivated each and every talmids full potential to blossom into a beautiful Ben Torah with the tools and skills to carry with him throughout his life. With close to 900 talmidim who have walked through the yeshiva doors, Nesivos Ahron has facilitated the growth in ruchniyos for each and every talmid and has cultivated the growth and leadership of each talmid, molding him into a young man who can lead, guide, and teach. Located on the site of the historic Beis Mussar in Chatzer Strauss, the newly renovated Yeshiva building houses a new dormitory and dining room, as well as a modern and elegant bais medrash, just minutes away from the Old City of Yerushalayim.


At Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron, we focus on every individual’s unique capabilities and inborn potential. Our shiurim teach the fundamental analytical skills needed to access and deeply grasp the meaning of every Gemara sugya. The simcha of Torah comes alive with joyous mesibos through the year, culminating in the ultimate celebration of sipuk and accomplishment: the siyum for the entire yeshiva, celebrating the completion of an entire mesechta of Shas. The special camaraderie among our students, as well as the close relationships formed with the rebbeim, makes our yeshiva a place where every talmid feels comfortable and inspired. In the friendly and non-pressured environment of the yeshiva, each individual bochur is able to truly reach his potential and achieve his goals in learning and in ruchnius. Growth in Learning, Growth in Life: Our talmidim have many opportunities to learn inyanei mussar and machshava, whether in bi-weekly sedarim exploring sifrei mussar, or in the weekly shmuessen delivered by the Roshei Yeshiva and other mashpi’im.


Dynamic and focused, our rebbeim work tirelessly to bring each individual talmid to his own potential in both learning and in personal growth. They are available and attentive to the needs of each bochur, in and outside of the beis medrash. The rebbeim are not only available and accessible during the hours of the yeshiva, but also offer a warm and friendly home environment that the boys can experience. Shabbos hosting, joining in Simchas, and feeling apart of their families is something that each boy will feel is a given in Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron. In addition to the daily rebbeim, several well-known rabbonim and gedolim give regular shiurim at the yeshiva, as an integral part of our learning program. These rabbonim get to know the talmidim, and give them the opportunity to experience a challenging sugya or inspiring hashkafa from a new and enlightening perspective

Weekly Inspiration

Shabbos in yeshiva is a day of true menucha and simcha. Together with the rebbeim, the talmidim are treated to a ruach-dik oneg and delicious, hartzige Shabbos meals. Motzai Shabbos brings continued limud together with special activities and melave malka, rounding out the Shabbos experience and preparing the bochurim to enter into another  week of learning and shteiging with renewed spirit. During “out” Shabbosim, bochurim have the option of staying in our centrally located dorm, the privilege of davening at the kosel, the opportunity to be guests at local families. They also have the option to travel and spend Shabbos with family and friends. 


Rejuvenating shabbosim, trips, and mesibos throughout the year, which culminates into the end of the year siyum, an overwhelming accomplishment of finishing an entire mesechta in Shas, our bochurim are able to devote their full energy to growth in their limud hatorah. At Yeshiva Nesivos Ahron, we recognize that relaxation time is crucial for bochurim to return to a maximal learning experience.  At the end of the day, bochurim have varied opportunities to recharge their energy: They can play basketball or ping-pong, work out in our weight room, use our filtered computers to connect to family via email. With our exciting trips throughout the year, you will experience Artzeinu Hakedosha with a “yeshiveshe taam”.  Trips in past years have included: Chevron, Meron, Teveria, Ski trip to Har Chermon, Scuba diving in Eilat, and much more!
Yaakov Green
Yaakov Green Alumnus

It’s really a home away from home, where someone is always there for you. You never feel like you’re alone… there is always someone to speak to.

Simcha Sauer
Simcha Sauer Alumnus

The yeshiva very much focuses on everyone growing together. There’s individual growth, but together as a yeshiva, together as a tzibur, we accomplish a lot more.

Dr. Elchonon Glanz
Dr. Elchonon Glanz Alumnus

A place where I was able to grow in learning, work on my avodas Hashem, and be part of a family dedicated to Torah and yiras Shamayim.

Rav Aryeh Shulman
Rav Aryeh Shulman - Rosh Kollel Ateres Ami, Chicago Alumnus

The healthy and mature approach to learning is surely the initial draw to Nesivos Ahron. However, you realize very quickly that this attitude permeates all of the other aspects of avodas Hashem as well.

Rav Ben Tzion Shafier
Rabbi Bentzion Shafier - Author of The Shmuz Parent of Alumnus

The Rebbeim are warm, caring individuals and are very much in touch with the needs of their talmidim. They work hands-on with the bochrim and encourage them to find their unique strengths. My son flourished.

Rabbi Yehuda Leib Schwartzberg Parent of Alumnis

Nesivos Ahron is a yeshiva that brings out each and every bochur's full potential and empowers them to follow the path of Torah with true simchas hachaim.